eBoostr 4 PRO Version

April 28, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Performance & Optimization

eBoostr’s improved buffer technology offers even better performance than before. eBoostr’s intelligent buffer design ensures that only the applications you need are accelerated. Greatly Enhance your Computer’s Performance:While searching for data stored on hard drives, computers will often look through lots of unnecessary data before finding what you need. This creates needless wear and tear on hardware. eBoostr is Perfect for Busy People: By optimizing system performance eBoostr reduces the load times associated with running many programs. This allows you to use your computer more efficiently, saving you time and power.

Make the Most of Your Current PC: Buying new hardware is often a solution for improving system performance. But this doesn’t solve the root problem. With a few clicks eBoostr can begin improving your system’s performance immediately. Prioritize Your Needs for Customized Speed Gains:Load your favourite programs faster. eBoostr tracks which programs get used the most frequently. You can also choose which of your favourite programs should become faster and reduce their load times. The Ultimate Speed Boost for Windows!

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