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Compress/Decompress most popular archives with WinTar application! WinTar can create and read several different archive formats, including most popular tar variants, several cpio formats,both BSD and GNU ar variants, ZIP,7Z and Windows CAB archive formats. It can also write shar archives and read ISO9660 CDROM images. For single compression files, WinTarsupports creating and extracting Gzip, BZip2,Unix compress (LZW), LZMA and Huffman coding algorithms. WinTar can create ustar, pax interchange format, cpio, shar formats, Mtree, CAB, Zip and 7Z archive formats. WinTar supports pax interchange format: Pax interchange format is really an extended tar format. WinTar eliminates almost all limitations of historic tar formats and provides a standard method for incorporating vendor-specific extensions.

When reading archive files, WinTar can automatically detect archive formats and its compression method. When viewing a archive file, if there are image files in the archive, WinTar can Thumbnail and priview these image files in File List pane window and the Preview pane window. With Modern Windows explorer and Office 2007 style Graphical User Interface (GUI), WinTar is cool and easy to use. WinTar is full integrated with Windows shell(Windows explorer). WinTar is the right choice for for Windows user to create or manage Unix/Linux tarball archives and other archive format files. It is both affordable to everyone and a real value.

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