System recovery options

This option in the Advanced Boot Options  gives you further tools to diagnose and repair your system. To access this mode press F8 while booting either from the hard drive or the windows installation DVD media. Select Repair Your Computer option, select a keyboard input method and enter the administrator user password to load these options:

Startup Repair:- Fixes boot problems. Apart, from loading this feature manually, Windows may automatically boots to it if it had starting problems during a previous restart

System Restore:- It’s another option that leads you to a system restore process. It allows you to recover from incorrect system configuration changes that prevent your computer from booting up. In this case, you need to boot from the windows installation DVD media

System Image Recovery:- To perform a system image restore

Windows Memory Diagnostics:- Run computer memory (RAM) tests and identifies problems

Command Prompt:- Allows you to interact with a command line interface and access files