5 Essential Tips for Windows 8 Networking

5 important tips about Windows 8 networking that will make your life easier as a Windows 8 user.

1. Know Your Connection Status

Windows 8 wireless connection status is new but is still pretty self-explanatory. It shows your wireless network connections that are available, which you are connected to, and whether airplane mode is on or off.

2. Use New Windows 8 Networking Features

What is a nice is the new Windows 8 wireless networking feature to configure metered connections. Metered access is used to monitor and reduce utilization of wireless network connections that limit your bandwidth.

3. For Small Networks, Use HomeGroup

Windows 7 HomeGroup hasn’t undergone major revisions in how it works but the interface that you use to configure it looks quite different and how you arrive there has changed.

4. New Network Performance Statistics

New in Windows 8, inside Task Manager, you’ll find per process network statistics.

5. Have a Good Understanding of Networking, In General

The fundamental things don’t change just because you change from Windows 7 to Windows 8. No matter your OS, it’s critical to have a good understanding of networking to work on Windows platforms.

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