Product Review: PDF Watermark Remover

PDF Watermark Remover: Removes Digital Images, Stamps, Graphics, Logo

Watermarks are the digital signatures that approve that the document is the property of an organization, a person or any legal authority. Sometimes, it requires removing watermarks from the documents due to personal or professional choices. For this, PDF Watermark Remover is available as a commercial solution and its functionality and features are elaborated in the upcoming sections.


Minimum Specifications Required

For getting started, it is mandatory to understand the minimum requirements for download and install the product on a machine.

  • Size of the product is 3.3 MB so it requires minimum 10 megabyte space on Hard Disk Drive.
  • 1 gigabyte RAM along with 2.4 GHz processor is required for smooth functionality of the tool.
  • Windows based tool supported over all older and newer versions (both 32 and 64 bits) including Windows 8.1, 8 and 7.
  • For running the tool over the latest versions of Windows including 8.1, 8 or 7, it is required to launch it as ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Supports Adobe Reader 9.0 and all lower versions and it is mandatory to install the respective application in order to successfully run the prescribed function.

Defined Functional Procedure

First step involves uploading the PDF file from which watermark needs to be removed.


Step 1: Upload PDF File:

Once the file is uploaded, it will ask for the destination location to store the processed file.


 Step 2: Save PDF File:

The tool will show the live status report of the ongoing process within the tool panel.


Step 3: Live Status:

From the above description of the watermark removal procedure, it can be concluded that the overall operation is initialized in three simple steps. Its fast functionality with minimum criteria makes it quite a proficient product.

Product Interface:

The Graphical User Interface or the PDF Watermark Remover tool is quite easy to understand and simpler to operate for even novice users. It does not require any technical expertise to operate the tool.

However, graphical presentation on the working criteria is available on the official website of the product in the form of Video and Snapshot images. Either or both of the tutorials can be referred in case of any discrepancies.

For easy handling, the GUI of the product has to be simple so that all sectors of end-users can operate the tool without any difficulty. No doubts! the tool fulfills this criteria to match user expectations.

Benefits Offered

Let’s, emphasize on some of the major features of the product:

  • Time Saving Approach:

The tool enables to perform the watermark removal task on batch PDF files. This makes it a time saver approach as the user does not have to upload and process each file individually.

  • Option to Add File\ Folder:

Provides the option to add multiple files or a single folder, including batch files and process them altogether.

  • Add\ Remove PDF Files:

Once multiple files are uploaded to the tool panel; the files that are not required to be processed can be removed anytime later from the panel as per requirement.

  • Destination Selection:

The tool provides the flexibility to save files at preferred location. Once the process is completed the tool displays accurate path where the newly created file is stored.

  • Read-Only Original PDF:

It does not alter the original PDF file but create a new file instead. This way the original file with watermark stamps remains saved on machine while new PDF gets stored for saving data without the watermarks endorsed.

  • Removes Distinct Watermarks:

All types of watermarks including image, logo, stamps, graphics, etc. can be removed and no patches of the same are left behind.

  • Maintains Data Structure:

While removing watermarks from the PDF documents, not a single bit of data seems to be altered as well as no changes are made in its original format.

Limitations Associated with the Tool:

As per my personal experience with the tool; I haven’t noticed any discrepancies regarding its functionality, but there are some minor modification required.

  • The tool only supports the PDF files created over Adobe Acrobat Reader and to make it more flexible, it is required that it must support PDF files created over other online or offline mediums.
  • This is a Windows based product and works on this Operating System only. However, likewise PDF files, the tool must be supported over Mac and other major OS as well.

Final Conclusion:

Considering all above mentioned features, functionality, benefits as well as limitations, it can be concluded that PDF Watermark Remover is a good choice for removing watermark stamps from the PDF files. As a whole, the product is worth investing as the features available in this price range are appropriate to carry out successful task.

Moreover, availability of Personal, Business and Enterprise licenses provides users the choice to select one in accordance to their needs and demands. However, some features needs to be added and modified to make the tool more scalable but these can be compromised as the available features works accurately and efficiently.

Note: PDFWARE is an affiliated division web service of SysTools which chiefly deals with issues in files of Adobe Acrobat PDF format.