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Implementing Disk Quotas

Disk Quotas can be configured from the command line or through scripts using the Fsutil administrative command-line tool. In the previous article Disk Quotas we have seen how configure disk quotas using the GUI. Windows 7 rich feature set of command-line utilities include the quota functionality within Fsutil and can be used as follows:

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Creating a Shared Folder in Windows 7

In this procedure you learn how to share a folder using the Create A Shared Folder Wizard. The procedure includes the steps how to create two users and a user group that will be allowed to access and modify data in the shared folder. Without further ado, let’s go to the steps required to complete this task:

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Troubleshooting IP Configuration

Windows 7 retains the same command-line tools of its predecessors for troubleshooting IP configurations. The most basic tools are the Ping and Ipconfig utilities which help you determine your system’s IP configuration and test connectivity. There are more advanced network tools such as, Tracert or Pathping, Nslookup for DNS related issues, etc.  These help you troubleshoot advanced network related issues but this article will only cover the basic command-line tools which are adequate for the Windows 7 average users.

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