IE Certificate Error Messages

Internet Explorer provides a warning when you navigate to a secure website and detects a problem with the SSL certificate. SSL certificates provide a way to verify the identity of a website to which you are connecting and ensure that communication between your browser and the website is secured through encryption.

Internet Explorer blocks navigation to a website if the application detects the following types of certificate errors:

Website address does not match address in certificate – this error occurs when a website is using a digital certificate issued to a different web address, it can happen when an organization hosts multiple websites on the same server.

Website certificate has been revoked – this error indicates that the security certificate was obtained or used fraudulently by the website. The issuing CA (Certificate Authority) has revoked the certificate.

Website certificate is out of date – this error occurs when the current date is either before or after the certificate validity period. Websites must renew certificates with CA on regular basis.

Website certificate is not from a trusted source – this error indicates that the website certificate that has been issued from a CA, is not trusted by Internet Explorer. Many phishing sites use fake identity certificates to attempt to trick users into believing that they are legitimate. This error occurs often with web servers on intranet sites which normally can be ignored.

Problem found with security certificate – this error occurs when Internet Explorer detects a problem with a website certificate that does not fall into the above categories. This can mean that someone has tempered with the certificate or the certificate has become corrupted.