Local Group Policy in Workgroup Environments

Many posts on this blog talk about various Group Policy settings and how to implement them. Although, Group Policy main focus is to lock down settings on workstations and servers in a domain environment, you can still implement the same measures on workstations in a workgroup environment.

As the main the purpose of this blog is to talk about Microsoft Windows client operating systems most of the Group Policy implementations refer to Local Group Policy Objects (LGPO) modified via the Local Group Policy Editor snap-in. However, most of the settings can also be implemented in domain environments.

If you wish to manage LGPOs on workstations within a small network without domain controllers, and you have administrative privileges on every machine then you can configure the LGPOs for your machines remotely from a single machine instead of having to walk around to each of them and log on locally.

To configure the LGPO on a remote machine, open a new MMC console, add the Group Policy snap-in, and click Browse to set the focus to a different machine than the local computer.