What are the risks of connecting to a public wireless network?

Although, Public wireless hotspots or networks are very convenient, but they present many risks if not properly secured. Whenever possible, only connect to wireless networks that require a network security key or have some other form of security, such as a certificate.

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Block users from connecting to Wi-Fi networks

The network shell (Netsh) command line utility allows local or remote configuration of network devices such as wireless interfaces. Using the Netsh wlan option you can create filters that block users from connecting to specific wireless networks which may pose a risk to the security of your environment. Users connecting to unsecure open wireless networks increase the risks of their computers being compromised.

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A quick Peer-to-Peer Wireless Network

Imagine you need to share some files with a friend or with a colleague while in a meeting and do not have any network means to connect to! You can set up a temporary wireless network between two or more computers running Windows 7 or Vista assuming that both computers are equipped with a wireless interface and are within 9 meters of each other. An ad hoc wireless network is quickly set up as you can see from the following steps:

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Connecting Wireless Computers

Connecting a wireless-enabled computer running Windows 7 to a wireless network is pretty straight forward however; if that doesn’t work you can try the netsh command line tool. Below, you will find the steps required to connect your computer to a wireless network using the netsh wlan command. Alternatively to netsh, you can either open Network and Sharing Center and click Connect to a network or click the network icon on your taskbar at the bottom right section of your screen.

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Wireless Network Problems

In general, troubleshooting network connectivity issues require the same techniques but with Wireless Networks there is an additional layer that you need to consider. You need to be aware of the wireless layer and the implications it has over your connection. In this article I will point out the most common wireless problems and how to resolve them.

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Wireless Network Security

The task of setting up wireless networks is either flawless or drives us crazy. We may be reluctant to modify a working configuration or so much time may have been dedicated in troubleshooting and configuring a practical solution that we tend to ignore the security part of the wireless setup! You must build your wireless setup around the security controls and features provided by WAP devices and not implementing security as an afterthought.  There are quite a number of security measures we can take and they depend mostly on your WAP devices but the following features which must be available on most WAPs will help you increase your wireless setup security:

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