Restoring files

Using the Backup and Restore console to restore files is very easy. You can restore files to their original location or to a different location. However, there is an other restore option and this is from a shadow copy! Shadow copies are copies of files and folders that Windows 7 automatically saves when it creates a restore point. This feature may give you more flexibility when restoring files but such explanation is found in the Shadow Copies article.

To restore a file or folder follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Backup and Restore console – type backup in the search box Start/Search programs and files and click the Backup & Restore Icon
  2. Click Restore My Files – assuming one or more backups have beed done previously
  3. The Restore Files windows presnet syou wit the latest backup as default but you can click on the Choose A different Date to select an older backup
  4. Click the Browse for Files button – click Browse for Folders button to restore a complete folder
  5. Search for the file you wish to restore and click the Add File button – repeat for more files or folders ( use the CTRL button to add multiple files)Restore a file
  6. Click the Next button
  7. Specify the restore location 
  8. Click Restore – remember you may be overwriting current files with older ones!!!

Finally, Click Finish :)

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