Windows 8 Start Menu Tools

Desktop Computer users chat about the inconvenience of not having a single point of entry to various programs and system settings and many agree that Microsoft should have added a Start Menu in at least one version of Windows 8, like the Windows 8 Enterprise edition for instance. This would have been a nice move for decision makers and IT administrators alike considering deploying the latest operating system within their organizations! The Start Menu functionality speeds up users’ tasks especially when opening system related programs and settings.

Third party software vendors took the opportunity to develop utilities to bring back the Start Menu.  I would like to share with you three of these tools which I briefly tested on my Windows 8 virtual machine. These are ViStart, Start8, and Windows 8 Tweaker.

Windows 8 Tweaker is a free utility that allows you to get Windows 7 styled Start Menu on Windows 8. However, the utility did not function as expected on my Windows 8 Enterprise virtual machine. website claims that the utility works on both x86 and x64 versions of Microsoft Windows 8!

ViStart is free tool and it achieves the intended purpose but I could not locate where to configure additional features while, the author allowed the community to create various start menu skins which you can download and install separately. The search functionality may not work as expected and  make sure you are not lured to install third-party software when installing this tool!

Start8 is a feature rich and stable utility but it comes with a small cost. It is worth the money, afterall it is a minimal cost. The search functionality works as good as Windows 7 and you should be able to find support from the vendor.

Download and try these tools from here – ViStart, Start8, or Windows 8 Tweaker.