Windows XP Mode

This application from Microsoft allows you to run older XP compatible applications that do not natively work in Windows 7! Windows XP Mode needs Windows Virtual PC installed in order to function. Furthermore, with Windows Virtual PC, you can work with multiple operating systems at the same time šŸ™‚

  1. Download both utilities from
  2. It is recommended to download and install a tool that checks your hardware compatibility with Windows XP mode – Hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV)
  3. Start by clicking Windows XP Mode first, then Windows Virtual PC
  4. Double click the downloaded Windows XP mode executable file to start the first part of the installation
  5. Use the default settings to install both applications
  6. The second installation is in the form of a windows update – use default settings as wellvirtual pc install
  7. Go Start\All Programs\Windows Virtual PC and click Windows XP Mode to configure the setup
  8. Accept theĀ license agreement
  9. Enter a password
  10. Tick Help protect my computer by turning on Automatic Update now
  11. Click Start Setup
  12. Go Start\All Programs\Windows Virtual PC and click Windows XP Mode – watch the tutorial while setup runs for the first time

By default, when using Windows XP mode and you close the Virtual Machine (VM), you are actually saving it, that is, it hibernates. In order to completely terminate the Virtual Machine you need to shutdown the VM by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del from the top menu. Also, you can change this behaviour from Tools\Settings\Close optionĀ from the Windows XP mode top menu.

Shutting down a VM