Registry Tools

If you are not tech savvy and find the Windows Registry Editor daunting then there are tools that can help you navigate through the registry hives and paths. Navigating to keys is pretty cumbersome but these third-party tools facilitate registry edits.

RegJump v1.01 by Mark Russinovich – This little command-line applet takes a registry path and makes Regedit open to that path. A command-line tool from Windows Sysinternals that accepts registry paths in standard form (e.g. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) or abbreviated form (e.g. HKLM) and opens Regedit to that path.

JumpReg by 12Ghosts Inc allows you to create shortcuts for registry keys. You open keys from paths you’ve copied to the Clipboard, bookmark keys, create desktop shortcuts to keys, jump between same keys in Current_User and Local_Machine, and more. It offers numerous shortcuts and tools for Registry navigating and editing.

Finally, if you need an advanced tool that monitors a specific registry key you can have a look at a utility called Service Registry Key Checker which I developed and can be downloaded from the downloads side bar of  this blog. The Service Registry Key Checker (RKC) allows you to specify a number of services and their respective registry Start value, then it queries the registry to compare the values, and if a mismatch is found it alerts you with a pop-up message. The application monitors just the service Start subkey.