Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility view

IE 8 Compatibility view allows web sites designed for previous versions of Internet Explorer to display correctly in IE 8 as well. The fastest way to enable it for a single page is by clicking the broken page icon at the end of the address bar. To access all settings, click Compatibility View settings on the Tools menu of IE 8. You can add specific web sites, by typing the web site URL in the Add this website: text box and click the Add button.

Also, you can remove a website by highlighting it and clicking the Remove button. The Include updated website lists from Microsoft check-box adds high-profile web sites that function better in Compatibility View, as well as other web sites that have submitted their details to Microsoft. This option is checked by default. The next option, Display intranet sites in Compatibility View is also checked by default. This option is intended for networked environments with internal web sites. The last option, Display all websites in Compatibility View forces IE 8 to display all web sites in Compatibility View.

The above options are also available as Group Policies. Network administrators can find these settings in both the Computer Configuration and the User Configuration sections under Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Compatibility View node.

Turn on internet Explorer 7 Standards mode: Will set IE 8 to display all web sites in Compatibility View

Turn off Compatibility View: Users will not be able to use the Compatibility View to add or manage the Compatibility View sites list

Turn off Compatibility View button: users will not be able to use the Compatibility View button

Include updated web sites from Microsoft: the compatibility Web site lists provided by Microsoft will be used during browser navigation. If a user visits a site on the compatibility list provided by Microsoft, the page will automatically display in Compatibility View

Use policy list of Internet Explorer 7 sites: users will be able to add and remove sites from the list, but they may not remove the entries that are specified by the administrator