IE 8 Pop-Up Blocker

Internet Explorer 8 allows you to customize Pop-up behavior as per your liking. Although, in general you would block all pop-up and pop-under windows from appearing automatically when browsing but there might be occasions where you may need a pop-up window to appear from a particular web site. For example, I am subscribed to some useful tech sites that from time to time run surveys and most of them use pop-ups to invite you to a survey! To open the Pop-up blocker settings, click Tools from IE 8, and then click Pop-up Blocker and finally Pop-up Blocker Settings. You can enable/disable Pop-up Blocker from the same location, that is, Tools/Pop-up Blocker/Turn On or Off Pop-up Blocker.

The default blocking setting is Medium which automatically blocks most pop-up windows. The Low setting allows pop-ups from secure sites while the High setting blocks all pop-ups. You have two notification features and an exception list. Pop-ups are allowed to appear for all web sites that are added to this list. The Show Information Bar when a pop-up is blocked option is very useful as it gives you the opportunity to manually allow a pop-up to appear after it has been blocked by IE. In addition, web sites that fall in the Local Intranet or Trusted Sites security zones are allowed to run pop-ups unless the Blocking level is set to High.