File Signature Verification Tool

The File Signature Verification Tool allows you to scan your computer and find unsigned device drivers. Any files that are signed can trigger a flag if modified; hence, we protect critical files with signatures. DirectX device drivers can be checked using the DXdiag tool. Start The File Signature Verification Tool by typing sigverif in the Start search text box.

The File Signature Verification main window allows you to configure log settings from the Advanced button. You can either Append or Overwrite scan results to the previous ones. It is recommended to save the scan results as these will serve as a list of all device drivers found on your computer.

Start the scan by clicking the Start button. Any unsigned drivers are listed in the results window as shown below:

The scan results indicate the Total number of Signed and Unsigned files.

To open the log file click the Advanced button and then View Log. The log specifies the file name and path, the modified or creation date, Version number, Status (signed or unsigned), Respective Catalog file and Signed By details.