EaseUS Todo Backup Product Review

Data Backup applications apart from being must-have utilities remain very popular with end-users in spite the fact that generations of Microsoft Windows editions have always provided backup tools that are integrated into the operating systems. So, why users do keep purchasing Data Backup Solutions? Simply, because independent software vendors such as, EaseUS manage to develop solutions that provide enhanced functionality and ease-of-use that Windows inbuilt tools may lack.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a data backup package suitable for Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) environments that delivers a reliable data backup solution from which users can easily recover from computer software and hardware problems, and accidental data losses. EaseUS Todo Backup version 4.5 has a clean and user friendly interface that makes its use possible to all type of end-users, from non-technical users to tech savvies. In particular, it provides a nice little visual that displays the user’s computer storage capacity – free and used space. In addition, it gives users a quick and valid estimate of the space required to perform a specific backup job as shown below:

Now let’s take a look at a subset of features that differentiates one data backup solution from another. Apart, from the overall smooth flow of the product, I was impressed with the following features:

Network transfer speed – users can limit the transfer rate of a backup job to a preferred value set in Mbps. Not all backup applications provide such a feature but this can be very helpful when running full system backups to a network destination location. Also, this feature can be used in combination with another feature called ‘Offsite copy’ that uses an FTP server as the destination location to achieve bandwidth throttling.

Windows Explorer right-click added functionality – users can directly start a backup job from Windows explorer by right clicking a target file and selecting the Include in EaseUS Todo Backup menu item. It provides a direct and efficient means of backing up important files that users may come across when browsing through their file systems.

Run missed backup at system startup if computer is shutdown – this option is available within the Scheduler of the application and it is a very useful feature especially for small offices or home users where important data may reside on individual computers and no backup power may exist if a power failure occurs during a scheduled backup job!

Although, I consider EaseUS Todo Backup 4.5 as a solution mainly for SOHO users, it is however equipped with most of the features that we normally find in enterprise solutions. These include a backup advanced scheduler, advanced backup policies and support for Network Area Storage (NAS), iSCSI and tape drive devices, support for both Microsoft Exchange and SQL servers, system snapshot and disk clone functionality. Furthermore, EaseUS Todo Backup leverages the Windows Preinstallation Environment (known as Windows PE) and provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for this command-line environment which is a life saver when dealing with systems failing to boot successfully.


EaseUS Todo Backup 4.5 installs without any major issues and the flow of the product is very intuitive. It has an exhaustive help file and covers the entire application with great detail, the only issues that I came across with the software were very minor and yet they did not really bothered me. However, I would like to point out that certain advanced features such as, Wipe data tasks may be risky in the hands of non-technical users and I would have enjoyed the possibility of resizing the application window to different sizes!