Your Hidden Windows 7 Trick (that also applies for Windows 8)

For all of you StarCraft players, can you still play a game without using hotkeys? Probably so but you would most likely get beat and would most certainly be slower. Hotkeys simply let you get to where you want to go faster! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your own personal hotkeys in Windows 7?

Windows 7 reworked the taskbar and introduced this feature! However, I didn’t find out this trick until Windows 8. In the picture above, each program pinned to the taskbar has a corresponding number associated with it.
Outlook is the third pinned program on my Taskbar. Because of this, the hotkey number for Outlook is 3. So if I am just logging into my computer in the morning and want to check my email, I can press Windows Key + 3 to open Outlook! When I am ready to edit a GPO, Windows key + 5 will launch Group Policy Management Console.