Get more options from Windows Explorer

Most users use Windows Explorer to search for a specific folder in order to perform some tasks related to that particular folder or files within that folder. Additionally, you may need to copy the folder’s path or even open a command prompt at that particular location. In previous versions of Windows you could enable this functionality by tweaking the registry but now Windows Explorer allows you to access these additional options by a simple click as you can see below:

Open Windows Explorer, find the required folder and simply hold down the Shift key while right clicking the folder. Now, the right click menu has three new items: Open in new process, Open command windows here and Copy as path.

  • Open in new process – allows you to open the folder location in a fresh Windows Explorer window as a separate process. This can be useful when running suspicious executables that may hang and freeze the underlying process.
  • Open command windows here – allows to perform command-line tasks from that particular directory location. Most of the times it is much easier to find a folder location from Windows Explorer than from the command prompt.
  • Copy as path – allows to copy the folder location to the clipboard which is quite similar to the right-click Mark option of the command prompt. However, the Copy as path option encloses the path in quotes.