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Windows 7 PowerShell Remote Management

Windows 7 includes Windows PowerShell V2 which supports remote management of computers. Before using Windows PowerShell to manage a remote computer you need to configure the WinRM (Windows Remote Management) service on the remote computer. To manage a remote Windows 7 computer from Windows Vista or earlier versions of Windows you need to update Windows PowerShell to V2 or later. The syntax of remote Windows PowerShell is as follows:

icm hostname {powershell-command}

In this exercise we will see how to configure two Windows 7 computers, where one will be managed remotely using Windows PowerShell and WinRS. Make sure that you have network connectivity between the two computers:

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Windows Remote Management Service

Windows Remote Management service allows you to execute commands on a remote computer, either from the command prompt using WinRS or from Windows PowerShell. However, you need to configure the remote computer before performing any remote management tasks!

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