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Microsoft announces Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0 Update for Windows 7

Later on this year, Microsoft will be releasing an update for the Remote Desktop Client on Windows 7. Actually, the update will be upgrading the protocol to version 8.0 and adding new capabilities that integrate with Windows Server 2012 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Windows Server 2012 powers the back-end of Microsoft VDI.

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Secure and Free Online Backup Procedure

Using BitLocker in Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions to encrypt your data and then uploading it to the cloud (such as, Windows Live SkyDrive, Dropbox, etc.) can provide you with a secure online backup solution at no costs. The only caveat is that you need to perform some manual tasks before uploading the encrypted data to cloud storage. If you simply upload encrypted data from an active drive protected with BitLocker to cloud storage, it will be stored in the cloud in unencrypted form, which means it could be read by whoever has administrative access to the cloud where data is stored. In order to retain encryption of your uploaded data, the encrypted drive has to be dismounted and uploaded as a raw file. You could achieve this by creating a virtual hard drive, copy your sensitive files, encrypt it using BitLocker, and upload the vhd file to the cloud as described below:

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