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Offline File Policies

Windows 7 has several Offline File polices that helps systems administrators maintain users productivity when a temporary disruption occurs or when a user is out of the office, however, it is worth noting that among the 28 polices there are some vital ones that gives administrators the control needed to manage this feature appropriately.  In this post I will discuss the policies that allow you to exclude specific file types from being available offline, how often background synchronization occurs in slow-link mode and other important parameters.

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Setting up Automatic Login

Some installations of Windows 7 are set to allow the default user to log in automatically when the computer starts. However, requesting users to enter their login credentials when the computer starts is highly recommended as it is a security measure. Conversely, when the computer is located in physically secure location, automatic logon might be preferred. Remember, that anyone with physical access to the computer can start the system and access your data if user login is set to auto!

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Wireless Network Security

The task of setting up wireless networks is either flawless or drives us crazy. We may be reluctant to modify a working configuration or so much time may have been dedicated in troubleshooting and configuring a practical solution that we tend to ignore the security part of the wireless setup! You must build your wireless setup around the security controls and features provided by WAP devices and not implementing security as an afterthought.  There are quite a number of security measures we can take and they depend mostly on your WAP devices but the following features which must be available on most WAPs will help you increase your wireless setup security:

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