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Applications Compatibility – Part 2

The Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)

The Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) is a collection of tools that helps you create an inventory of all applications running in your organization and identifies which applications are incompatible with Windows 7. With ACT you can test applications that are running across a variety of computers and operating systems within an organization. Hence, you can easily identify which applications require further testing before deploying Windows 7.

At the time of writing this article The Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit version is 5.6 and it can be downloaded from Microsoft’s download page.

We find the following components in ACT:

Application Compatibility Manager

With the Application Compatibility Manager you can collect and analyze data in order to resolve compatibility issues prior to deploying Windows 7 in your organization. The database back-end that stores all the information and interfaces with ACT must be Microsoft’s SQL server. Therefore, you need an instance of MS SQL server running in your environment when setting up the Application Compatibility Manager. Briefly, the Application Compatibility Manager is the front-end application that creates and deploys data-collection packages. Data-collection packages collect data about hardware, software and device information for a specified set of client computers. Through the Application Compatibility Manager you can analyze the contents of the database for compatibility issues.

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