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Automated System Image Backup

The windows 7 Backup and Restore console do not allow you to schedule System Image backups :(  On the other hand, ad hoc manual System Image backups can be performed!

System Image Backup

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System Restore

Windows 7 creates dated recovery points of your system. It creates these on regular intervals and prior to events such as, the installation of applications and drivers. Restore points contain information about the registry and other system information. Also, you can manually create restore points whenever you deem necessary. Restore points help you restore your computer to a previous state. System restores do not alter user files! – They do not recover user files!
 Note, that you can undo a system restore only if:- Read more…

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System Protection

System protection in Windows 7 is a very important mechanism that enables the saving of information related to system files and settings, saving previous versions of files that were modified, and creates restore points every 7 days and prior to significant systems changes. System protection is automatically enabled for the system drive only (Windows 7 installation location) but can be manually enabled for other drives given that they are formatted with the NTFS file system.

Important Note - a drive needs to have system protection enabled in order to be included in a restore point and in order to have the previous copies of files and folders functionality! Read more…

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