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Windows PowerShell

The scripting language PowerShell introduced in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 provides rich access to the above mentioned systems and later platforms, including access to security settings. Experienced Systems Administrators use PowerShell to develop management tools that are specific to their environment, hence, allowing them to tackle specific issues that may be unique to their organizations.

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Process Explorer

To determine which applications in Windows 7 are responsible for activity on your hard disk, including which files and folders are being accessed you can use either Process Explorer or Resource Monitor. Although, Windows 7 offers an enhanced version of the Resource Monitor tool, Process Explorer is not part of the native operating system and you need to download it from Microsoft’s TechNet. Process Explorer allows you to determine information related to running programs such as, which program has a particular file or directory open or handles opened and DLLs loaded.

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Get more options from Windows Explorer

Most users use Windows Explorer to search for a specific folder in order to perform some tasks related to that particular folder or files within that folder. Additionally, you may need to copy the folder’s path or even open a command prompt at that particular location. In previous versions of Windows you could enable this functionality by tweaking the registry but now Windows Explorer allows you to access these additional options by a simple click as you can see below:

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Managing Services in Windows 7

Services are applications that run in the background. They can start up on boot or when required and can run independently of the logged on users. The main tools that you can use when managing services are the Services Console (Services.msc), the Task Manager, the Sc.exe command line utility, and Group Policies. To troubleshoot services during startup use the msconfig utility.

The services console lists all services and provides information about each service such as, logon details, state, etc. To start the Service consoles type services in the Start search text box and click the Services link under programs.

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