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8 Tips to remember when securing your Windows systems

  1. Enable Windows Update and other third-party applications that have update support to update automatically.
  2. Limit the rights and privileges granted to normal users using the system.
  3. Set a combination of share and NTFS permissions on files and shared resources.
  4. Hide any objects that a user is not permitted to access.
  5. Users with Administrator rights should use the system only when performing administrative tasks. Otherwise use a normal user account.
  6. Enable User Account Control (UAC) for administrator accounts.
  7. Use low privileged service accounts for services that do not require elevated privileges.
  8. Enable windows firewall and install suitable anti-virus/spyware solutions.

There are a number of commercial and open-source tools available to help you perform system security scanning and vulnerability testing of your Windows 7 system, however, the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer is a great tool (free and easy t o use) that checks for compliance with Microsoft’s security recommendations.

Read more about Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer tool here –


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