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Troubleshooting device drivers

Most Windows 7 users troubleshoot device drivers’ problems by performing an update of a suspected faulty driver, if one is available! Although, driver updates are released to fix bugs and support new environments, sometimes it wise to verify the driver’s behavior before performing an update. Windows 7 provides a Driver Verifier Monitor tool which lets you monitor device drivers for problematic behavior.

The Driver Verifier Monitor is a tool that can put drivers under stress as to find incorrect behavior such as, illegal function calls or actions that might corrupt the system.

To use the Driver Verifier at the command-line, in a Command Prompt window, type verifier followed by at least one command-line parameter.

An important feature in the command-line version is the /volatile option which is a no reboot feature that helps you eliminate repetitive reboots. Additionally, you can monitor your driver while you attach and remove devices.

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