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The 12 most popular Windows command-line tools

The following list depicts the most common command-line network utilities that most administrators use when troubleshooting systems and network connectivity problems. It helps to get a list of common commands in one place just in case one tool which you are unfamiliar with may match a particular task better.

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Creating a Shared Folder in Windows 7

In this procedure you learn how to share a folder using the Create A Shared Folder Wizard. The procedure includes the steps how to create two users and a user group that will be allowed to access and modify data in the shared folder. Without further ado, let’s go to the steps required to complete this task:

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Windows 7 Shared Folders

In Windows 7 similar to previous versions of  Windows Operating systems you can use shared folders to share data stored on your computer with other users on the same network. When you are not part of a domain network or cannot use Windows 7 Homegroups then you can share individual folders from Windows Explorer. If you are a command-line fan, you can use the Net Share command-line tool to share folders and manage shared folders.

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