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Speed up the Startup process

Although startup times are the result of many variables that differ from one computer to another, the following steps will help you optimize this time. Most commercial applications perform similar actions, therefore, it is wiser to have some knowledge about the startup process and perform the changes yourself, as you are in the best position to decide what is essential or not required in your system. Remember, that third party applications are generic and can do unwanted changes!

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Startup problems and Msconfig

Msconfig allows you to configure startup parameters such as, disabling applications from starting and hence, can estimate if the startup time has improved or not as to identify problematic applications! This tool is specifically designed for troubleshooting and therefore, it allows you to undo any changes. In addition, it reminds you about the changes you have made upon the next restart as to reduce the likelihood of leaving your system into maintenance/troubleshooting mode.

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