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Windows 7 Monitoring and Performance Built-in Tools

Do you know which tool to use when applications and services running on Windows 7 encounter problems? The tools provided by Windows 7 can help you monitor resources, establish baselines and logs, and determine where problems might occur. Sometimes, you may need to further configure these tools or create basic scripts to address your particular problem. In this post you will find a brief overview of the various monitoring and performance tools available with your Windows 7 operating system.

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Monitor disk performance Windows 7

If your computer overall performance is degrading and you suspect that one of your hard drives is the cause then you need a tool that helps you monitor the performance of your hard drives. Windows 7 in-built Performance Monitor helps you identify bottlenecks and can be used to monitor disk performance.

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Monitoring Files and Folders

Monitoring who is accessing sensitive files and folders in Windows 7 is possible through local group policies. It is recommended to monitor or better audit critical files only such as, an organization employee’s salary spreadsheet or sensitive/personal word documents. If you audit a large number of files and folders you might miss valuable information in the massive log file filled with unnecessary events. Auditing can tell you who opened a document, who modified a document, and who tried to open a document and failed among many other options.

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Windows Resource Monitor

The Resource Monitor is a Windows system tool that allows you to view information about the use of hardware (CPU, memory, disk, and network) and software (file handles and modules) resources in real time. As for the basic functionality it is quite similar to Windows Task Manager but Windows Resource Monitor can help you track down the cause of application hangs.

Software crashes do happen but how many times we manage to get a clue of the root problem! And such crashes can be really annoying if they happen too frequently. Windows 7 Resource Monitor includes a feature that may help you with the troubleshooting of software problems. To start Resource Monitor (resmon):

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