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Advanced Recovery Methods

The Advanced Recovery Methods link found in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery will help you recover your system to a usable state. There are two methods:-

The first method recovers your system from a previously saved image. If your last image backup is old, then you need to perform a backup of your files prior to the recovery process. However, this utility allows you to do that during its execution. If you have never performed a backup image then, this option is useless.

The second method reinstalls windows from the original installation media. Again, the process allows you to back up your files before the actual installation. If you have opted for this option then you might use a pre-build system image from your hardware manufacturer that makes life easier and speeds up the installation. Read more…


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System Image Restore

Sometimes, when your system is heavily corrupted or you need to replace the system hard drive, your only option to recover the system is to boot from the Windows 7 installation DVD media and follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have a previously backed up image of your system on an external medium
  2. Connect this medium to your system Read more…

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