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IE Certificate Error Messages

Internet Explorer provides a warning when you navigate to a secure website and detects a problem with the SSL certificate. SSL certificates provide a way to verify the identity of a website to which you are connecting and ensure that communication between your browser and the website is secured through encryption.

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Security Features in Internet Explorer 9

As web applications become ubiquitous, the web browser has evolved into the main client side application for most users. Hence, it has become one of the most popular targets by cyber-criminals. Together with performance and usability, the web browser has evolved into a more secure application! Is this the case? As Internet Explorer grew older more and more security features were added which at face value should have hardened the browser but it is also understood that with more features comes more vulnerabilities!

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Problems with IE 9

Internet Explorer 9 trial run unveils a couple of hitches! Some web applications are not yet fully compatible with IE 9. I run the 64 bit edition and have come across some annoying issues, mainly with the web administrative console of WordPress, and with some scripts such as, ads that do not show up only in IE 9. In this brief article you will find two temporary workarounds that help you sort out these issues and other problems that you may be encountering.

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IE 8 SmartScreen Filter for Safer Browsing

SmartScreen filter is a great feature that blocks browsing to web sites that are known to be malicious such as, hosting malware or phishing sites. To enable this feature click Safety from IE 8 and from the drop-down menu, click SmartScreen Filter and then Turn On SmartScreen Filter

The other two options are Check This Website and Report Unsafe Website, quite self explanatory! Please, note that it is unethical to dislike a web site and report it as unsafe! However, reported web sites are checked by Microsoft before they are added to a blacklist!

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IE 8 InPrivate Mode

InPrivate Browsing prevents Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session. This includes cookies, temporary Internet files, history, and other data. Toolbars and extensions are disabled by default. To turn on InPrivate browsing click the InPrivate Browsing option from IE 8 Safety menu. When InPrivate Browsing is turned on, you will see the following indicator:

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Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility view

IE 8 Compatibility view allows web sites designed for previous versions of Internet Explorer to display correctly in IE 8 as well. The fastest way to enable it for a single page is by clicking the broken page icon at the end of the address bar. To access all settings, click Compatibility View settings on the Tools menu of IE 8. You can add specific web sites, by typing the web site URL in the Add this website: text box and click the Add button.

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IE 8 Pop-Up Blocker

Internet Explorer 8 allows you to customize Pop-up behavior as per your liking. Although, in general you would block all pop-up and pop-under windows from appearing automatically when browsing but there might be occasions where you may need a pop-up window to appear from a particular web site. For example, I am subscribed to some useful tech sites that from time to time run surveys and most of them use pop-ups to invite you to a survey! To open the Pop-up blocker settings, click Tools from IE 8, and then click Pop-up Blocker and finally Pop-up Blocker Settings. You can enable/disable Pop-up Blocker from the same location, that is, Tools/Pop-up Blocker/Turn On or Off Pop-up Blocker.

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