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Find out which Hypervisor your Windows 7 is running on!

If you need to determine which virtualization platform is a Windows 7 Virtual Machine (VM) is running on, while, you have no access to any other tools such as, the hypervisor or virtualization manager, you can easily find out by issuing a simple command from the Windows command-line interface.

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Using nvspbind to modify protocol bindings from the command line

In server core environments, the task of modifying and troubleshooting NICs protocol bindings may require the use of a tool called nvspbind which is available from MSDN here. However, the same tool can become very handy when you need to change the network binding order of network interfaces from the command line during the installation of Windows 7, and where the GUI tools are not yet available. Also, you can leverage the tool in environments where the default Windows shell (Windows Explorer) is replaced with other shells such as, command prompt, Windows PowerShell or custom built shells.

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