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InPrivate Filtering Hack

InPrivate Filtering helps prevent website content providers from collecting information about sites you visit. The InPrivate Filtering feature is present in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) while, the feature in IE9 is called Tracking Protection. Content providers or third-party websites could develop a profile of your browsing preferences which can be used in a variety of ways, including for analysis and serving targeted advertisements. Do not confuse InPrivate Filtering with InPrivate Browsing. For more information about InPrivate Browsing go here.

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Hiding Drives in Windows 7

This simple registry hack allows you to hide drives from appearing in the Windows Explorer shell. Users will not be able to select or see the drive in the applications’ open and save dialogs, My Computer and Windows Explorer but it remains visible from other shells such as, the command prompt. Therefore, applications can still access the hidden drive, even though it is invisible to end users! A hidden drive may be useful when backing files to a network or local drive and you would like to restrict that drive just for backup purposes. The risk of filling up that drive with unrelated data is limited by making it invisible to users including you, while it remains available to the backup application. Obviously, first set the backup destination drive from the backup application and then hide the drive as explained below.

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Disabling the unknown File Extensions Prompt

In Windows when you try to open a file with an unknown extension (which Windows does not recognise), a prompt is displayed asking you if you want to use the web to search for the appropriate program that can open the file. As many users including myself, rarely use this web service and opt to select a program from the system, it is more appropriate to eliminate unnecessary steps like a never-used prompt. To remove the prompt you need to add a registry value called InternetOpenWith.

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