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How to Restore the Windows 7 Registry

The Windows registry editor allows you to access certain configuration settings that may be unavailable from the GUI. Some knowledgeable users enjoy tweaking the registry for the fun of it but others do it to troubleshoot various problems. However, I must remind you that the registry contains low-level operating system components that if incorrectly set or accidentally deleted can result in your computer not starting properly! However, you can restore the registry using the Last Known Good Configuration option found in the boot up process.

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Configuring IPv6

As with IPv4 configurations, with IPv6 you can either set an automated address configuration through DHCPv6 or configure an address manually. The Netsh command gives you the ability to set all parameters but in this article we will focus on configuring the interface using the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) GUI from the Network and Sharing Center.

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