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Microsoft’s GPO Excel sheet for Windows Server 2012

The standard GPO spreadsheet that Microsoft publishes with every new system has been updated with new GPO settings for Windows Server 2012. Actually, the new Excel sheet contains all GPO objects and settings for the new server OS and Windows 8.

You can download a copy from here –


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Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP)

On you will find many articles citing Local Group Policy features. Remember, that this blog is about Windows 7 in a standalone or a small setup of networked computers. However, you will find some references to Active Directory and Group Policy in general. As you may already know, there is a precedence of how Group Policy is applied within Windows environments. In such environments there can be a GPO linked to a site, a domain, and organizational units in AD, and the precedence is summarized by LSDOU (Local machines, Sites, Domains and Organizational Units). Local Group Policy Objects (GPO) has the weakest precedence, site linked GPOs are next, domain linked GPOs are next, with Organizational Unit (OU) linked GPOs having the highest precedence.

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