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Using Group Policy to specify search order for device driver source locations

The default behaviour of Windows during the installation of new device drivers is to search the Windows Update website if it can’t find the drivers it needs within the local driver store.  This procedure can be altered or disabled using the Group Policy setting – Specify search order for device driver source locations.

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Drivers Conflicts

Although driver conflicts are less common now-a-days due to the PnP (Plug and Play) hardware capabilities of modern technology, device drivers conflicts can still occur. Conflicts occur when two devices require the same resources such as, requiring the same I/O (input/output) address.

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Windows 7 SP1 fails to install

Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Windows (KB976932) fails to install on a 32 bit Windows 7 Enterprise edition with an error message 0x800f0826. This is an important update and a successful installation of SP1 is much desired, however, this was not the case for many users. In this procedure I am going to show you the steps I took to find what was causing this failure and the workaround I used to overcome the unknown error – 0x800f0826 while installing SP1 on a virtual machine.

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Dell Latitude D830 display driver problem

The windows NVIDIA display driver installed after a fresh installation of the 32-bit Ultimate/Enterprise editions creates problems on Dell Latitude D830 laptops with the Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M inbuilt video card! The faulty display driver version is as shown below:

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Device Drivers Options

On the Drivers tab of a device properties dialog box you have 5 options but the most useful one, is the Roll Back Driver option. As its name implies, using this feature you can go back to the previous working device driver. The following are the available options:-

  • Driver Details:- Display details about the driver files such as, provider and version
  • Update Driver:- Search and install the latest driver for this device
  • Roll Back Driver:- Go back to the previously installed driver – available only if a new driver was installed to replace a previous one
  • Disable:- Disables the selected device such as, when diagnosing problems and you want to temporarily deactivate some devices – disabled for some system critical devices
  • Uninstall:- Uninstall the driver and hence, removing the device from your system Read more…

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