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Windows 7 Display Switch

Having problems with displaying your screen through a projector or multiple displays? It’s not the ideal scenario to start a presentation in front of an audience or a packed board room and spend a number of minutes fiddling around with your laptop to get it to display the screen through the projector; I bet you start your presentation on the wrong foot!

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Laptop Display Brightness Problem

Windows 7 is designed to reduce your display brightness after several minutes of inactivity on your laptop computer. The display can use more power than any other part of a laptop computer—even more than a hard disk and CPU, hence this feature is very useful to conserve battery life. Some laptops have a dedicated button or dial to change the display brightness.

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Dell Latitude D830 display driver problem

The windows NVIDIA display driver installed after a fresh installation of the 32-bit Ultimate/Enterprise editions creates problems on Dell Latitude D830 laptops with the Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M inbuilt video card! The faulty display driver version is as shown below:

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