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Remote Desktop

One of the most useful management tools available for Windows users is Remote Desktop. If you need to log on to a distant computer as if you were sitting in front of it and perform some management tasks you can use the Remote Desktop functionality found in Windows 7 computers. Previous versions of Windows have this functionality but in this article we will focus on Windows 7 operating systems.

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Moving disks

Moving data disks from one computer to another is a task that should be carried out with caution. If a volume becomes corrupted in the process then you may not be able to recover you data, hence, treat such operation as sensitive and take the necessary precautions.

Follow these steps when moving disks form one computer to another:

  1. Backup your critical data to another drive or external medium.
  2. Make sure that the status of the volumes on the disk is healthy – check the Status column or disk layout from the Disk Management console, repair volumes before proceeding with the move!
  3. From the Device Manager, open the disk drives node and select the disk you are removing, right-click the disk and click Uninstall, finally click Ok to the Confirm Device Removal dialog box – if you have multiple disks installed and some are of the same brand and model, then use the Location info ex: Location 1 (Channel 0, Target 1, Lun 0) to determine which disk is the right one                Read more…

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Speed up the Startup process

Although startup times are the result of many variables that differ from one computer to another, the following steps will help you optimize this time. Most commercial applications perform similar actions, therefore, it is wiser to have some knowledge about the startup process and perform the changes yourself, as you are in the best position to decide what is essential or not required in your system. Remember, that third party applications are generic and can do unwanted changes!

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