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Managing Shared Folders from the Computer Management Console

As we have seen in the previous articles Windows 7 Shared Folders and Creating a Shared Folder in Windows 7 you have many ways how to create and manage shared folders. In this blog post we will use the Computer Management console to view and manage Shares.

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Troubleshooting lengthy startups

Windows event logs are a very important tool for monitoring the health of systems and troubleshooting issues when they arise. Since Windows Vista, Microsoft added additional logs known as Application and Service logs, so that applications and services installed on the computer will have individual logs. This category of logs includes four subtypes for which the application or service can provide events, which are Admin, Operational, Analytic, and Debug logs. Details about the category of logs will be explained in a separate article, however, a brief explanation of the Operational events is needed as to help us troubleshoot startup problems!

I have created a small application called Boot Time that helps you monitor Boot times. The Boot Time utility requires administrative privileges to run successfully, hence if you are logged as a normal user without admin rights, start the application by right-clicking BootTime.exe and then click Run as administrator. For further details read below :)

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