Troubleshooting Search and Indexing problems

In Windows 7 you can troubleshoot Search and Indexing problems using a built-in tool that allows you to fix common issues. You can start the troubleshooter tool by typing fix search in the Start menu search text box and clicking the Find and fix problems with Windows Search. Alternatively, you can use the links at the bottom of the Indexing Options Control Panel dialog box.

On the Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems page, click Next to display a list of common search problems. Also, you can click the Advanced link to allow the system to attempt an automated repair procedure.

On the What problems do you notice? page select the type of problem you are experiencing, and click Next to display information on how to resolve the problem or view sources where additional help can be found.

The troubleshooter tools checks for potential issues related to incorrect permissions on Windows Search directories, Search Filter Host process failures, unexpected Windows Search service shut downs, Windows Search service not running, Windows Search service failures, and Search Protocol Host process failures.

Note; that the Windows troubleshooting Platform (WTP) can help an organization reduce help desk calls by enabling and educating users to fix common issues themselves.