RacTask and Reliabity Monitor

Reliability Monitor gathers and processes data using the Reliability Analysis Component (RAC) of Windows 7. The RacAgent collects data automatically and calculates metrics in a process known as the RacTask process. The agent runs as a hidden scheduled task named RacTask to collect specific events from the event log and if for some reason it is disabled no stability data will be available.

If RacTask is disabled and you try to run Reliability Monitor you will get a warning message stating – “Reliability Monitor does not have up to date data for this computer because RACTask might be disabled or configured for optimal performance…”

RacTask is located in Microsoft\Windows\RAC\RacTask in Task Scheduler and is automatically configured during system installation. Typically, it runs once every hour and will not wake the computer if it is sleeping. If the computer is a laptop on batter power, RacTask will immediately exit if the battery capacity is at less than 33 percent.

To verify or enable RacTask follow these steps:

  1. In the Start search text box type in Task Scheduler and press enter
  2. Select the Microsoft\Windows\RAC node under Task Scheduler Library
  3. From the center pane right-click RacTask and select Enable

Check RacTask properties from the bottom center pane tabs which are General, Triggers, Actions, Conditions, Settings and History.