How to Restore the Windows 7 Registry

The Windows registry editor allows you to access certain configuration settings that may be unavailable from the GUI. Some knowledgeable users enjoy tweaking the registry for the fun of it but others do it to troubleshoot various problems. However, I must remind you that the registry contains low-level operating system components that if incorrectly set or accidentally deleted can result in your computer not starting properly! However, you can restore the registry using the Last Known Good Configuration option found in the boot up process.

For instance, if certain keys or values in the registry key HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet are deleted or given incorrect values, the registry may need to be restored before you can continue using the computer.

To restore the Windows 7 registry follow these steps:

  1. Press and Hold the function key F8 (after the BIOS screen loads) when the computer is booting from a restart or a power on.
  2. Use the arrow keys to highlight Last Known Good Configuration and then press ENTER. Note that the NUM LOCK must be off before the arrow keys on the numeric keypad will function.
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight an operating system if your system contains more than one operating system and then press ENTER.