USB Quick Removal Option

Removing USB flash memory devices from your computer does not require you to use the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media function if the removal policy is set to default. The default policy disables write caching on the device and Windows and is the default setting after an installation of Windows 7. Write caching uses high-speed volatile RAM to collect write commands sent to the data storage devices and cache them until the slower storage media can deal with them. You can mange write caching on the Policies tab of the device’s Properties dialog box that you access from Device Manager.

The Quick Removal option is the best choice for devices that you frequently disconnect and connect to your system as we do in an early morning when leaving to work and remember that we need an important file to show to our colleagues or boss. USB flash drives, memory cards and other external attached storage devices are listed in Device Manager under Disk Drives while the Removal policy option is shown below:

When you select the Quick Removal option, Windows 7 manages commands sent to the device using write-through caching. In this mode the device operates on write commands as if there were no cache. The cache may still provide a small performance benefit but the main priority is to safeguard data. Some devices may provide their own cache too but the same applies to these if they lose the power. The main benefit is that you can remove the storage device from the system quickly without risking data loss. Apart, from allowing you to quickly remove a device from the system, it also prevents data loss when a flash drive is accidentally pulled out from its port.

Devices that remain connected for ever or better are intended to be removed from the system infrequently would perform better if set to the Better performance option. However, if you set the device to perform better and then remove it from the system without using the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media function, you could lose data or corrupt the entire volume of the flash drive! To enable this option select Better performance from the Policies tab of the removable device under disk drives in Device Manager as shown below: