Windows 7 Sync Center

You can use Sync Center to synchronize files, manage offline files, and resolves synchronization conflicts manually. Sync Center allows you to check the results of your recent sync activity if you’ve set up your computer to sync files with a network server. This allows you to access copies of your network files even when your computer isn’t connected to the network. Sync Center can tell you if the files synced successfully or if there are any sync errors or warnings.

A sync conflict occurs when changes occur to a file made available offline both on the file server and within the local cache. Users can then use the sync tool to resolve the conflict in three possible ways:

Keep the local version – the version of the file that is stored on the local computer will be kept and the file on the file share will be overwritten.

Keep the server version – the version of the file that is stored on the file share is kept, and changes made to the local version are lost.

Keep both versions – the version on the local computer is renamed and then saved to the file share. The version of the file on the file share keeps the original name.