Windows 7 Display Switch

Having problems with displaying your screen through a projector or multiple displays? It’s not the ideal scenario to start a presentation in front of an audience or a packed board room and spend a number of minutes fiddling around with your laptop to get it to display the screen through the projector; I bet you start your presentation on the wrong foot!

Windows 7 provides a quick solution to this problem and unlike previous versions where this feature depended on the graphics drivers used on the system and other combinations, now you can simple invoke the display switch by pressing Windows Key + p on your keyboard.

Apart from the key combination Windows key + p you can also type DisplaySwitch in the Start menu search text box and press enter to load the tool. The options available for this feature are:

  1. Use only computer screen
  2. Duplicate the screen on computer and projector (or two monitors)
  3. Extend the screen on computer and projector (or two monitors)
  4. Use only projector display