Managing Shared Folders from the Computer Management Console

As we have seen in the previous articles Windows 7 Shared Folders and Creating a Shared Folder in Windows 7 you have many ways how to create and manage shared folders. In this blog post we will use the Computer Management console to view and manage Shares.

From the Start search text box type Computer Management and press enter, this loads the Computer Management console. The Shares node under Shared Folders displays all shared folders on the computer. The Sessions node displays details about remote users currently connected to shared folders, their source computer and for how long they have been connected. The Open File node displays the folders and files that remote users are accessing.

To modify an existing share, right click the share and select Properties. Additionally, you can remove the share by selecting Stop Sharing. The Properties windows allows you to set a user limit for performance reasons, set offline settings, set share permissions and NTFS permissions (Security).

To create a new share, right click the Shares node and select New Share. This starts the Create A Shared Folder Wizard. From this wizard, as we have seen in Creating a Shared Folder in Windows 7 you can set all parameters for the new share while creating it.