Disabling UAC’s Sound Prompt on Windows 8

I am one of those geeky people who try to follow all of Microsoft’s recommendations (including logging in with an administrator and separate standard account). When UAC was introduced, I found my new best friend! I could finally stay logged in as an administrator without having everything running as an administrator.

But something with UAC must have changed between Windows 7 and Windows 8. Suddenly, I seem to be hearing a lot more prompts. It may be because I am constantly using Server Manager and Hyper-V from my workstation but either way, the sound is now driving me crazy. The steps below show how to simply turn off that sound notification (or to change it to that pleasant new Office notification sound).

1. Search for “Change System Sound” or open up the Sound control panel applet.

2. Scroll all of the way day to Windows User Account Control. For me, it was right above the File Explorer Section. Change it to (None) or another more pleasant sound.

Enjoy the sound of silence!