Creating a Shared Folder in Windows 7

In this procedure you learn how to share a folder using the Create A Shared Folder Wizard. The procedure includes the steps how to create two users and a user group that will be allowed to access and modify data in the shared folder. Without further ado, let’s go to the steps required to complete this task:

  1. Using administrator privileges logon to the computer that will host the shared folder.
  2. Open an elevated command prompt and type the following commands:
  3. net user Joe /add
  4. net user David /add
  5. net localgroup AllowedUsers /add
  6. net localgroup AllowedUsers Joe /add
  7. net localgroup AllowedUsers David /add
  8. mkdir c:\ShareData
  9. Note, using the net command-line tool, we start by creating two users called Joe and David and then we create a local group called AllowedUsers. Then, we add both users to the local group and finally, we create a folder called ShareData. All of the above steps could have been performed through the GUI using the Computer Management and Windows Explorer consoles, however, the idea behind introducing easy-to-follow commands is to help you enhance your command-line hands-on experience and gain speed when performing administrative tasks.
  10. Type exit to close the command prompt window.
  11. From the Start search text box type Computer Management and press enter, this loads the Computer Management console.
  12. Go to the System Tools\Shared Folders node and right click the Shares node and then select New Share. This loads the Create A Shared Folder Wizard.
  13. Click Next to the Welcome screen.
  14. In the Folder Path: text box, type c:\ShareData as shown below and click Next.
  15. You can leave the default values in the Name, Description, and Settings page and click Next.
  16. Select Customize Permissions on the Shared Folder Permissions page and click the Custom… button.
  17. On the Share Permissions tab, select the Everyone group and then click Remove. This will restrict any user from accessing the shared folder.
  18. Click the Add… button, in the Select Users or Groups dialog box, type AllowedUsers and click the Check Names button to confirm that the group exists. Then click OK.
  19. On the Customize Permissions page, select the AllowedUsers Group and give the group higher privileges by checking the Change under Allow check box. Click OK.
  20. Click Finish twice to close the Create A Shared Folder Wizard.

Finally, from an elevated command prompt you can issue the command net share ShareData to verify that the AllowedUsers group is assigned the Change permission as shown below.