Hardware & Software compatibility

Before you venture into the Windows 7 arena you need to make sure that your present hardware works well with this operating system. Microsoft has released a wonderful utility called Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor that scans your computer for potential issues and recommends what to do before the upgrade. But first steps first! – make sure that all devices (including peripheral devices) are connected and powered-on.
Then follow these steps:  
  1. Download Microsoft’s utility – Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
  2. Install the application with default settings
  3. Run the application by double-clicking the desktop icon and allow its execution if any secure mechanism tries to block itcompat shot 1
  4. Click the Start Check button and allow the application to scan your hardware – (Some info will be sent to MS but nothing confidential)
  5. See results by selecting each category such as, System, Devices and Programscompat shot 2
  6.    Finally, take the recommended steps as detailed in the Details column
Important:-  Most probably, if your computer can run Windows Vista, it works well with windows 7 – with the exception of some advanced features such as, the Aero schemes